Darth Vader Gift Ideas

Whichever side you took in the classic goodie versus baddies tale that is Star Wars, you cannot deny that the Sith Lord is one of the most iconic movie villains of all time. From the moment we first saw him appear on screen at the start of A New Hope, trying to persuade the rebels to give over the plans, through to seeing the errors of his ways at the end of Return of the Jedi (let’s gloss over the ‘Nooooooo’ at the end of episode three. No one needs reminding of the prequels), we all have a favourite Vader moment

We have picked the best Darth Vader gift ideas for the Star Wars fan in your life.

Sale! 10" Darth Vader Nutcracker

10″ Darth Vader Nutcracker

$38.99 $24.99

Darth Vader has to save all of his force powers for choking out Grand Moff Motti and for epic lightsaber battles against his son. He can’t waste his time using it to crack nuts, which is why he had his mechanized suit altered to be able to handle the task of cracking tough nuts. Walnuts, almonds and even the dreaded pecan shell, all fall victim to the Sith Lord’s power! Or at least, that’s what you can tell people when they ask how to use this awesome Star Wars themed nutcracker. You can add him to the rest of your Christmas decor, or use him bash those nutshells into submission.

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13" Darth Vader Nutcracker

13″ Darth Vader Nutcracker


When you have a tough nut to crack, you call in a Sith Lord! This Darth Vader Nutcracker comes with the intimidating style of the character from the original Star Wars trilogy AND he uses his deadly Force powers to crunch nutshells. Okay, so maybe he uses the laws of physics to crush nutshells, but he can still put a fright into any Rebel Alliance sympathizers you might have hanging around your home for the holidays.

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Adult Darth Vader Costume

Adult Darth Vader Costume


Darth Vader is a guy we can relate to. He started off as a kid that grew up in the middle of nowhere. He left home with stars in his eyes, pursuing a grand dream of becoming some kind of benevolent hero that the Republic desperately needed. Things… didn’t quite work out as planned.Instead of rescuing the galaxy from evil, he ended up working in a crummy dead-end job, with an extremely demanding boss who makes him do all the dirty work. The people working under him are completely incompetent and no matter how hard of a job he does, they manage to bungle things beyond repair. (Sorry Stormtroopers, but the Death Star and that big loss on the Moon of Endor are BOTH your fault.) Yeah, he’s the kind of guy we’d like to hit happy hour with.Maybe you can help the rest of the world feel sympathetic for the villain when you wear this officially licensed Star Wars costume. This Darth Vader costume is an adult outfit that comes with everything you need to look like the Sith Lord. The black jumpsuit has printed details on the front, which recreate the look of Vader’s armor from the Original Trilogy. The costume also comes with a black cape, to help tie the look together. The final piece of the outfit is the molded mask since you can’t be the iconic Sith Lord without it!Once you have it on, you might fully understand the innermost thoughts of Darth Vader… you too might feel like overthrowing Emperor Palpatine!

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Adult Darth Vader Dress Costume

Adult Darth Vader Dress Costume


You don’t need a big clunky set of armor if you plan on becoming a Dark Lord of the Sith. Sure, Darth Vader totes around a giant chest piece and wears a giant hi-tech headpiece, but that doesn’t mean that you need to do it to study under Emperor Palpatine. After all, YOU didn’t lose a duel to Obi-Wan Kenobi, resulting in the need for cybernetics to keep you alive.You will, however, need an outfit that exudes an aura of dark authority. You can’t strike fear into the hearts of Stormtroopers under your command unless you have an outfit that matches your Dark Side powers. You also might want an outfit that’s easy to move in, should you ever get caught up in a lightsaber battle with Luke Skywalker. You might just need this adult Darth Vader dress costume, which is licensed from the original Star Wars trilogy.This licensed Star Wars dress comes with everything you need to begin your foray into the Dark Side. The women’s dress has a satin skirt and it has plenty of printed details on the front, like a faux mechanical box in front and shoulder pads. It also comes with a printed belt and a pair of knee socks, which also have printed armor details. The final piece is a hood, which looks like a simplified version of Darth Vader’s helmet.When you put all the pieces together, you should have a look that will have any Stormtrooper snapping to attention in no time!

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Adult Realistic Star Wars Darth Vader Gloves

Adult Realistic Star Wars Darth Vader Gloves


Have you been practicing your force choke holds? We know you love to dabble in the dark side and you’ve probably grown quite fond of wearing your Darth Vader helmet. But when it comes to using the force to throttle the neck of an insubordinate Moff or Director, you need to pay one important consideration to make sure the effect plays just right. You need to have some pretty sweet gloves when you motion towards your victim!No, those black utility gloves definitely won’t do the job. You’re going to want these authentic Star Wars Darth Vader Gloves. From Rubies Costumes, these gloves are officially licensed, and styled to look just like the ones worn by Darth Vader himself! 100 percent polyester, they feature a faux leather exterior and soft polyester interior. The detailed stitching pattern mimics the appearance of the screen worn costume, and they’re the perfect way to complete your Sith style statement.

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Adult Star Wars Darth Vader Gloves

Adult Star Wars Darth Vader Gloves


Adult Costumes – The mens Darth Vader Costume Gloves/Gauntlets Accessory are Black “Faux Leather” with detail stitching design. They are one size – adult. The gauntlets will help complete your Darth Vader costume with a sinister final touch. These Darth Vader costume gloves are an officially licensed authentic Star Wars costume accessory. Darth Vader Lightsaber and breathing device are sold separately.

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Sale! Authentic Darth Vader Costume for Plus Size

Authentic Darth Vader Costume for Plus Size

$949.99 $500.00

Darth Vader is imposing as is. The height? The Force powers? The deep booming voice? Just these aspects alone would make us tremble in our boots if we were Stormtroopers standing in front of him. But add on top of that his iconic costume? Well. Cue one of the most notorious bad guys in the galaxy. We believe that Darth Vader’s costume plays a large role in Dark Vader’s fear factor. Those diabolical threads are sure to petrify any one who catches a glimpse of him. Anything less to his outfit, and Darth Vader wouldn’t be half as imposing. Honestly. Would you take a Sith Lord seriously if he wasn’t in black? What about that super imposing (and glorious) cape that flutters behind him when he walks? It’s regal and a little terrifying. The shiny armor-like panels on his shoulders and legs make him look like some kind of evil future knight, and don’t even get us started on the helmet! (uh oh. Too late.) That helmet though! With the hard shiny hood and great reflective bug-eyes? Not to mention the grate over his mouth… that’s a mask that the galaxy will remember forever.Which is why we totally understand if you want it. If you need it. Because, after all, if you’re shooting for becoming an imposing Sith Lord and don’t have the crazy deep voice, the imposing stature, or the Force powers, well then, the outfit will definitely do the trick! Our Authentic Darth Vader Plus Size Costume includes a faux leather jumpsuit with inner robe and outer cape. There’s faux leather gloves, molded chest armor, shin armor, and cod piece, with a replica mask and helmet set. The breathing module even makes Vader’s wheezy breathing noises. This baby is officially licensed, so you know all the details will do Darth Vader justice. Now. Go forth and make those Stormtroopers cower in terror. You know you want to.

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Sale! Birthday Express 252218 Star Wars Darth Vader Pinata Kit Multi-Colored

Birthday Express 252218 Star Wars Darth Vader Pinata Kit Multi-Colored

$45.47 $33.68

Star Wars Darth Vader Pinata Kit Multi-colored – We offer a beautiful collection of superb quality party themes and supplies Halloween and year-round costumes in all sizes to celebrate every occasion that comes your way. We combine creativity with garment knowledge and construction. Therefore the innovative products are realistic durable and of superior quality. They are sure to create lasting costumed memories from Halloween to family nights and beyond.
FeaturesStar Wars Darth Vader Pinata Kit
Candy and Toy Pinata Fillers
Pinata Blindfold
Pinata Buster
SpecificationsColor: Multi – Colored
Weight: 2

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Child Star Wars Darth Vader Gloves

Child Star Wars Darth Vader Gloves


So he’s Darth Vader. It might not exactly be what you want for your son, but it is what it is. So let’s roll with it! He’s a future Sith Lord and servant of The Empire, so you’re going to need to get him decked out in full-on Vader style from head to toe. We’ve got great Darth Vader costumes for kids, and if you’ve already got one picked out you’re ahead of the game. But there’s an important costume consideration when building your little Darth’s costume ensemble. You better pay extra attention to the gloves. Because he’s going to be doing a lot of force choke holds, and we want to make sure that all the pictures are great. So, complete his costume with these Child Star Wars Darth Vader Gloves!These gloves are Star Wars officially licensed from Rubies Costumes. They feature a leather-like exterior as well as a soft polyester interior and includes detailed stitching for a more realistic appearance. 100 percent polyester, these gloves will let him experience the power of the dark side!

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Click/JotZone Darth Vader Gift Set

Click/JotZone Darth Vader Gift Set


This limited-edition gift set captures the spirit of three great characters of the original 1977 Star Wars film. Fans of Darth Vader, C-3PO, and the Stormtroopers will enjoy having one of these companion journal and gel pen sets at hand. From imperially i

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Sale! Darth Vader & Son / Vader's Little Princess Deluxe Box Set (includes Two Art Prints) (star Wars)

Darth Vader & Son / Vader’s Little Princess Deluxe Box Set (includes Two Art Prints) (star Wars)

$50.00 $33.08

Jeffrey Brown”s beloved reimagining of theStar Wars universe featuring Darth Vader as a devoted dad to young Luke and Leia has charmed and captivated fans of all ages, in books that have become galactic bestsellers and classics in their own right. This deluxe gift box set reproduces the first two books in the series in a large format-perfect for sharing with young Jedi-that showcases Brown”s funny, colorful work. The slipcase edition also includes two unique, frameable art prints created just for this set as well as custom artwork for the slipcase box.

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Darth Vader - Sports Chair

Darth Vader – Sports Chair


The Sports Chair by Picnic Time is the ultimate spectator chair! It’s a lightweight, portable folding chair with a sturdy aluminum frame that has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. If you prefer not to use the shoulder strap, the chair also has two sturdy webbing handles that come into view when the chair is folded. The extra-wide seat (19.5″) is made of durable 600D polyester with padding for extra comfort. The armrests are also padded for optimal comfort. On the side of the chair is a 600D polyester accessories panel that includes a variety of pockets to hold such items as your cell phone, sunglasses, magazines, or a scorekeeper’s pad. It also includes an insulated bottled beverage pouch and a zippered security pocket to keep valuables out of plain view. A convenient side table folds out to hold food or drinks (up to 10 lbs.). Maximum weight capacity for the chair is 300 lbs. The Sports Chair makes a perfect gift for those who enjoy spectator sports, RVing, and camping.

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Darth Vader 3D LED Light - 7 Colors, 2 Light Modes, Power Through Micro USB Or AA Batteries, 5Watt

Darth Vader 3D LED Light – 7 Colors, 2 Light Modes, Power Through Micro USB Or AA Batteries, 5Watt


Key Features…
3D LED light in the shape of Darth Vader forms the perfect gift to all Star Wars lovers out there
Select between 7 different colors and enjoy the color of your liking
This LED color light lets you select between two different lighting modes
Perfect decoration for at home or in the office
Darth Vader Light
This Darth Vader LED light is the perfect gadget to show off your love for Star Wars and support to the Dark Side. Available now at Chinavasion, this 3D LED Star Wars light is a great accessory for everybody out there that loves Darth Vader and, additionally, is the perfect gift to all Start Wars enthusiasts. With its unique design, this creative 3D LED color light is great to be used as a decoration piece in your living room, child’s bedroom, or computer room. By emitting a smooth and colorful light, this 3D LED lamp is sure to set the right atmosphere for any occasion.
The Darth Vader creative 3D LED color light features two different light modes and seven colors – assuring that it will meet the likings of anybody out there. Simply use the light’s button to switch in between the different colors and light modes this Darth Vader LED has to offer, and you’ll be able to enjoy stunning visuals and smooth colorful light at any time of the day. Its two different light modes allow you to either enjoy this Star Wars light in the one color you love most or to select the automatic color change mode in which it smoothly switches in between the 7 different colors supported by this beautiful 3D LED decorative light.
Coming with both a micro USB port and regular AA battery slots, this Star Wars LED light can be powered either through the included USB cable or with normal AA batteries. Thanks to its 5 Watt power, this Darth Vader light emits a smooth and dimmed colored light – creating a peaceful and calm environment that will be lit up in your favorite color. Perfect as a decoration piece or to be used to set the right atmosphere in your bed or computer room – this Star Wars light is a great accessory for all sci-fi lovers out there.
Crafted out of durable acrylic material, this 3D LED Darth Vader lamp features a safe to use and environment-friendly design. With its absolutely stunning and colorful light effects, this 3D LED light truly is a great gift for anybody that has a fascination with Star Wars or Science Fiction in general. Simply slide in your AA batteries or connect the USB cable to its micro USB port, select your favorite color, and you’ll be ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy a smooth and beautiful 3D light effect. With its stunning visuals, this Start Wars 3D LED color light is guaranteed to spice up the interior and atmosphere of your kid’s bedroom or computer room.
This Darth Vader light comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.

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Sale! Darth Vader and Son

Darth Vader and Son

$20.95 $15.73

What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son? What if Luke, I am your father was just a stern admonishment from an annoyed dad? In this hilarious and sweet comic reimagining, Darth Vader is a dad like any other-except with all the baggage of being the Dark Lord of the Sith. Celebrated artist Jeffrey Brown”s delightful illustrations give classicStar Wars(Reg TM) moments a fresh twist, presenting the trials and joys of parenting through the lens of a galaxy far, far away. Life lessons include lightsaber batting practice, using the Force to raid the cookie jar, Take Your Child to Work Day on the Death Star (Er, he looks just like you, Lord Vader!), and the special bond shared between any father and son.

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Darth Vader and Son Book

Darth Vader and Son Book


Here’s one thing I haven’t seen in a Star Wars episode in a little while… Fatherly LOVE. This adorable and cuddly father and Son book is full of the sweetest father and son images you’ll ever see! Watch as Darth Vader and little Luke Skywalker engage in the most normal of situations just like you and your Pops. Check them out shopping, eating, playing with toys, exchanging birthday gifts, and driving to school.

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