What to buy a teenager for a gift on their sweet 16? It can be a tricky one, but we hope we can help with your quest for the perfect gift to give a 16-year-old.

What are 116-year-olds into? Obviously, this won’t be the same for all 16 year olds. Maybe they are into sports a footy fan or rugby maybe playing or do they support a team? You could treat them to their teams kit or tickets to watch a match or if they play how about the latest fashion in boots.

A lot of 16-year-olds like their music so you could buy them an album from their favourite band or speakers to play their tunes.  Or how about the ultimate treat for a music loving teen you could get them tickets to see their favourite band and how about looking into the possibility or back stage passes to meet their idols.

For girls, you can always go to the old faithful gift of jewellery. You could get a beautiful locket necklace or a special bracelet or pair of earrings maybe with their birthstone in to make them extra special. Boys may not want jewellery although some do like it, but if not a watch is often a good choice and can be engraved with a birthday message.

Something a bit different can be a young driver experience. They may be looking forward to learning to drive when they get to 17, but you can do young driver experiences at younger ages so this can help them when they are old enough to drive and gives them a taste of what it is like to drive a real car.  

Or how about some sweets for their sweet 16? You can buy personalised sweet jars which make a great present especially if they have a sweet tooth and you know what their favourite sweets are.

Lots of 16 year olds like their brands they are expensive, but a good treat for a birthday gift. You could get them so trendy trainers or a jacket to keep them looking cool. Make sure you find out which brands your teen is likely to wear and be happy with.

Gadgets always go down well with teens and 16 year olds are no different. They are bound to be chuffed with a new phone, ipod or a games console if they are into gaming. If they already have a games console you could get them a new game or two

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