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Love listening to your music in the bath or shower, or while relaxing by the pool or on the beach, but don’t fancy getting your shiny new phone or tablet damaged by water? For situations such as these, a Bluetooth waterproof speaker is a great choice. Simply link to your audio device via Bluetooth and relax away with your tunes knowing your expensive technology is safe. Of course, Bluetooth speakers are not just to be used while one is soaking away the stresses of modern life; portable Bluetooth speakers are great for any time you want to play music on the go but don’t want to lug around a stereo system.


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Bluetooth speakers are the latest in a long line of audio innovations; coming in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and durability, there is something for every home or occasion. Before making a purchase, it is important to consider your needs

– Will you need wired or wireless speakers?

– What will you be using it for?

– How do you want it to look?

– What kind of environment will you be using it in?

– Will speaker size be important?

– What kind of battery life would you need?

These questions can all be kept in mind as you navigate the information outlining a lot of the attributes and the features that are available. This should help you to narrow down any features that are important to you. Bluetooth speakers can be put into three general sizing categories, including portable, Semi-portable and Ultra-portable.


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Music is something a lot of us enjoy and a music type gift as long as it suits your musical taste is a great gift. Musical taste is a personal thing so you need to make sure you know what type of music your recipient is into before buying the gift. Don’t just get them something you would like.

You could get a music gift such as a CD of a favorite artist or an iTunes voucher so they can decide what they would like themselves.

A child that is into music may like to receive an instrument that they can learn to play such as a keyboard or a ukulele makes a great first instrument gift. Or if you are feeling brave a drum kit!

If you know they already play an instrument maybe some accessories such as a guitar strap or tuner or a music stand would possibly be a perfect gift.

Speakers or headphones are also a great gift that will be appreciated by a music lover so another option is to see if they would like some great new headphones to listen to the latest tunes on or there are speakers and docking stations for all price ranges.


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