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So the big 18 is a milestone birthday and for some, it is a bigger celebration than the 21st birthday these days. It is a coming of age where your child becomes an adult. So what on earth do you buy for an 18-year-old? You may want to be able to treat them to something they will remember and can keep.

So a piece of special jewellery is a good option for girls you can get a necklace, earrings or a bracelet or maybe all 3 and boys maybe some cufflinks or a watch. You may like to have it engraved with a special message of love for their 18th.  There are plenty of jewellery styles to choose from and something for all budgets. You could go with something that has your child’s birthstone in to make it that extra bit special for their 18th.

Or if you can’t think of anything physical you can give them an experience so something they will always remember doing for their 18th. If they are thrill seekers then you could get a bungee jump or sskydive or a track experience driving a racing car! Or if you think they would prefer something more relaxed then a spa day or a theatre trip might be more their cup of tea. You could get them concert tickets for their favourite band or artist the list is endless. The key is to think of something they would love to do, but don’t often have the opportunity to do, how about for an animal lover being a zoo keeper for the day could be the perfect gift.

A picture frame is also a good idea and you could do a montage of photos from when they were a baby up until their 18th. You could even do an album full of special photographs for them including some embarrassing ones! If your 18 year old is into photography you could buy them a decent camera so they can take some amazing photos as they venture further along their life, maybe they plan to travel and a camera will be a great way for them to continue capturing memories and special moments in their life.

If they have a particular hobby such as painting you can buy them some art supplies or enrol them on a course or if they like tennis a new racquet and some one to one coaching could be their perfect present.

You could buy them some kind of tech so the phone they really want or a new laptop which will help them with their studies or work. Maybe not that special gift you were hoping to get, but at the same time if they will see it as something they have desperately wanted and you treat them and get it for their birthday even though it isn’t something they can keep for forever it will be remembered by them as a great 18th birthday gift.

You can also get all the 18th memorabilia type gifts as extras such as wine glass with happy 18th on or an 18th mug. An 18th birthday T-shirt the list goes on. These are great as something extra for them to open and mark the occasion.

It is hard when you really want to find that special gift for a special birthday and want it to be different to other years. If you think about their interests and hobbies then this can go a long way in finding their individual perfect gift that they will remember in years to come.


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Valentine’s gifts to either show the love of your life how much you love them or maybe you have are secretly admiring someone from afar and Valentines is the perfect opportunity to show them how you feel. There are hundreds of gifts to pick from depending on your budget whether it be a cute cuddly bear to a break in a luxury spa hotel. Your Valentine will know how much they mean to you whatever you choose.


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Make their sweet 16 one to remember and find the ideal present for a 16-year-old. Whether it is your son or daughter, grandchild or friend’s birthday there will be a wonderful gift for you to buy for their 16th birthday.

What are 16-year-olds into? Obviously, this won’t be the same for all 16-year-olds. Maybe they are into sports a footy fan or rugby maybe playing or do they support a team? You could treat them to their teams kit or tickets to watch a match or if they play how about the latest fashion in boots.

A 16th birthday can be seen as a milestone birthday for some with large celebrations and extravagant gifts. For others, it isn’t celebrated in the same way as an 18th  or 21st. You need to gauge whether the recipient is celebrating their 16th as a “special birthday” or just another teen birthday.

Either way, you need to find the perfect gift for your teen turning 16. If you want a special gift to mark the occasion there are plenty of ideas out there from special jewellery, picture frames etc. Although these days teenagers can often be seen to have it all and they aren’t so interested in the sentimental gifts and would much prefer the latest technology gadgets and the branded clothes. Find out what they like or need and treat them to something they may find hard to afford ordinarily. Maybe an expensive pair of trainers to you but it could make their year if that is what they really want.

A lovely piece of jewellery is bound to go down well with a teenage girl maybe a necklace or a charm bracelet that you can add to over the years or a special watch for a 16-year-old boy. Or how about a jewellery box to store their treasured jewellery.

Knowing what your teenager is into is going to be a massive help in finding an appropriate gift for the occasion. Maybe you have a teen boy who loves rugby or gaming then the ideal gift could be something to help with their hobbies. Maybe they are into photography so a decent camera could be a great gift so they can capture memories for themselves.

Some teens may love an experience day to mark their sweet 16th. There are plenty to choose from whether they would choose to do something exhilarating or something relaxing it’s your call. An experience gift is sure to give them something to remember for their special birthday and look back on with happy memories.

Personalised gifts are great for marking a special birthday and there are all sorts of things available for a range of budgets, for example, the 16th birthday personalised jar of sweets is a lovely token gift for a friend who is turning 16.

A lot of 16 year olds like their music so you could buy them an album from their favourite band or speakers to play their tunes. Or how about the ultimate treat for a music loving teen you could get them tickets to see their favourite band and how about looking into the possibility or backstage passes to meet their idols.

For girls, you can always go to the old faithful gift of jewellery. You could get a beautiful locket necklace or a special bracelet or pair of earrings maybe with their birthstone in to make them extra special. Boys may not want jewellery although some do like it, but if not a watch is often a good choice and can be engraved with a birthday message.

Something a bit different can be a young driver experience. They may be looking forward to learning to drive when they get to 17, but you can do young driver experiences at younger ages so this can help them when they are old enough to drive and gives them a taste of what it is like to drive a real car.

Or how about some sweets for their sweet 16? You can buy personalised sweet jars which make a great present especially if they have a sweet tooth and you know what their favourite sweets are.

Lots of 16-year-olds like their brands they are expensive, but a good treat for a birthday gift. You could get them so trendy trainers or a jacket to keep them looking cool. Make sure you find out which brands your teen is likely to wear and be happy with.

Gadgets always go down well with teens and 16-year-olds are no different. They are bound to be chuffed with a new phone, iPod or a games console if they are into gaming. If they already have a games console you could get them a new game or two.


Here are some great gift ideas


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So many people do Secret Santa these days for work colleagues, groups of friends or even family members. It is a fantastic idea that saves a lot of money set yourselves a budget and getting buying a gift for your nominated person. It means less money and time spent choosing gifts for a large group of people but everyone still gets a gift to open. The only problem is you might end up picking Joe from accounts who you don’t really know and haven’t a clue what he would like as a gift. He isn’t someone who you would normally buy for and it is often easier to get gifts for people you are friendly with as you will have an idea of what they would like to receive. So we are here to help with some gifts that will be ideal for your office secret Santa.

If you are doing secret Santa gifts for family you may choose a higher budget than for friends or colleagues. You could ask for a wish list from family so they are sure to receive a gift that they wanted. You may go for some nice jewellery for your recipient or a hamper is always a good option if you are stuck for ideas.

There are plenty of gifts you can get for secret Santa presents for all budgets and if you put a bit of thought into it you can get a gift they will really appreciate rather than something that will be put in the back of the cupboard or end up at the charity shop! Search for these ideas and happy shopping!


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What to buy for the newly engaged couple? There are lots of fantastic gift ideas for the lovebirds to show them how delighted you are with their news. Maybe a special bottle of bubbly to help them celebrate or something to help them prepare for the upcoming wedding such as a planner would be a thoughtful gift.


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So, you have been invited to a Christening and you have your outfit sorted, but what on earth do you take as a gift, how much should you spend and how can you get a gift that will be appreciated and not just put in a box in the loft for years to come.

Christening gifts can be a tricky one. It can depend on the age of the baby/child that is being Christened. You don’t want to end up duplicating gifts, so it can be hard to find something unique.

There are plenty of lovely christening gifts to choose from and you will be spoilt for choice once you start searching. It is really about finding something a little bit different from the norm so your gift will stand out and be remembered.

Gifts from Godparents

If you are a godparent a child’s first Bible is often an appropriate gift and you can write a special message at the front. If there are other godparents, you may want to check so that you don’t all end up buying the same gift. If someone else has got a Bible you could go for a christening bracelet or necklace for a girl. Boys can be a bit more difficult but maybe a Christening plaque or money box or a special pen that can be engraved would be a great gift.

Personalised gifts are a fantastic option for Christening gifts and make a really special gift which will be cherished. You can get some beautiful wooden toys and have them engraved or a blanket, or muslin squares embroidered with baby’s name and christening date.  You can also get some lovely frames with maybe the child’s name in or pictures. Photo frames are a good gift then the family can choose a photo from the day to put in the frame.

Silver trinket boxes, first tooth and curl boxes, money boxes, silver spoons, breakfast sets are all lovely special gifts however you want to make sure that the child doesn’t receive ten money boxes as no baby needs or wants that many of one thing. Maybe a good idea to ask the parents, they may want to receive these things but maybe have some kind of gift list, so they don’t end up with duplicates. It may be that they limit silver gifts to family for example.

If you want to get something special, but you are not looking to spend too much then a nursery rhyme book or story book is likely to be an appreciated gift. You can even get personalised books where the child’s name is used as a character in the book. Or you could just decide that you don’t want to go with the traditional gifts and get a nice outfit for the child or a toy. Another idea is naming a star after the child and giving them the certificate.