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Teenagers and ‘tweenagers’ love to buy each other gifts at Christmas and for their birthdays. What do you buy for a young teenage girl that won’t cost a fortune especially if they have a group of friends and they are all wanting to buy for each other the cost soon adds up. We have some fab ideas for gifts that teens and tweens can buy each other or they can be ideas for birthday or Christmas stocking presents too.

If your friend is into make- up then a selection of eyeshadows or a mascara, some lip balms or some makeup brushes can make a great gift as long as she hasn’t got too expensive tastes in make-up brands! You could buy a small makeup bag and fill it with a selection of goodies for example. Make sure you find out the colour shades they prefer to wear so you aren’t going to buy colours they would never dream of wearing.

Nail varnish is a popular gift amongst young girls and nail art is very fashionable and fun. There are hundreds of colours to choose from bold and bright colours to pretty pastels and nudes so why not put a selection together to fit your friend’s personality.


Stationary is always a good option girls often love some special looking stationary such as notebooks, coloured pens, matching folders, pencil pots and boxes for keeping bits of pieces in. They look fab on display on a girls desk in their bedroom and come in handy for school work and keeping organised too.

Girls also like to have nice cushions, throws and things like fairy lights and picture frames or light boxes to display in their bedrooms and make it cosy for when friends visit or when they are chilling in their room. So something like this is bound to be a hit with teen or tween friends.  Mermaid blankets are all the craze with young girls at the moment and available in different colours and look very cosy.

Toiletries such as facemasks, moisturisers, bath bombs and bubble baths are a good idea for girls and they don’t cost too much. You can get lots of different fragrances and colours and can choose a few different things depending on your budget and make up a little toiletries hamper or even do your own ‘spa in a jar’ with a selection of pampering products all displayed in a mason jar.

There are so many things you can buy for teenage and tween girls and lots of choice for lower budgets. There are plenty of ideas for you here to help you on your mission to get the perfect gift whether it is for your bestie or your daughter, niece, Granddaughter or friend

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It’s nice to treat the special lady in your life and one of the best ways to do this is by getting her a personalised present. It doesn’t matter if it’s her birthday, anniversary or if it’s Christmas, everyone loves the idea of receiving something bespoke and personal.

If you have been with your partner for a while, then you know that as the years go by, it gets harder to find gifts that she will love and find special. Let’s face it after you have given her plenty of handbags, jewellery and chocolate, things can become difficult when it comes to finding a gift. This can leave you feeling unmotivated and uninspired.

The truth is women are mysterious. However, you can take a different approach and get a personalized gift that matches her personality.

This will make your loved one feel like a princess and she will feel special and loved.

Shopping around for gifts is a challenge for a lot of men. This is because their partners like many things or into many hobbies, such as gardening, cooking and so forth. The issue isn’t that your girlfriend is picky. The real problem is there are so many choices out there.

Do you want to impress your lady? If so, then browse our ideas. We are confident you will find something she will enjoy receiving. If not, head over our gift finder to browse thousands of personalised gift ideas


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Personalised gifts are great and a lovely way to show the special lady in your life that you care. There are lots of items that can be personalised from jewellery, cushions, wine bottles, stationary, bags and more so get searching for the perfect personalised gift.


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